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Serengeti Leonora Sunglasses available in multiple colors.Feminine and elegant are key words to describe LEONORA design. Made of qualitative handcrafted acetate enhanced by metal embellishments, LEONORA's round shape offers a vintage yet trendy look.

Whats In the Box

  • Serengeti Leonora Sunglasses
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • Whats In the Box

    • Serengeti Leonora Sunglasses
    • SERENGETI Carrying Case
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    Feminine and elegant are key words to describe LEONORA design. Made of qualitative handcrafted acetate enhanced by metal embellishments, LEONORA's round shape offers a vintage yet trendy look.
    Base Curve 6
    Lens Category 3 to 3
    Size 51x21x145
    Fit Medium
    RX available No
    Made in Italy
    Ref 8954


    Ultra-Light Mineral Lens
    • Photochromic
    • Polarized
    • Spectral Control


    Shiny Black


    Category 3 to 3 in mineral lens.
    Category 2 to 3 in PhD™ 2.0 lens.

    Very bright light conditions.
    The non-polarized lens is ideal for Driving and Everyday use.
    The polarized lens is ideal for boating activities.
    Available in non-polarized and polarized ultra-light mineral and PhD™ 2.0 lenses.

    Absorbs 79% to 92% of the visible light, according to the lens.
    Blocks 88% to 96% of the blue light, according to the lens.

    555 nanometers marks the center of light visible color spectrum, right on the border of yellow and green. This is where the human eye sees best. In low light conditions, this lens allows more yellow and green to pass through, creating relaxing conditions for the eyes, while the light silver metallized mirror coating (available only on mineral lens) reflects glare.



    Our mineral lenses are made with borosilicate optical glass, from Corning®.
    A full 20% thinner and lighter, our Borosilicate mineral glass lenses are finer than any other lens. Produced in the same process normally reserved for ophthalmic-quality corrective lenses, they provide the best visual acuity you could ever experience.

    Every pair of Serengeti® mineral lenses is unique: each Photochromic lens passes through a Hydrogen-fueled Lehr furnace, which activates the Spectral Control® technology - with varying temperatures that determine the proprietary lens hue.

    They are also chemically tempered to ensure scratch and impact resistance.

    To complete this unrivalled visual experience, an anti-reflective coating is added to the backside of the lens, canceling the scattering light that causes reflective glare.


    Molecularly infused in every Serengeti® lens


    As the pioneer of Photochromic technology, Serengeti® leads the industry in creating lenses that adapt to any light condition in any setting. Serengeti® Photochromic lenses are activated by the amount of UV radiation in the atmosphere and engineered to transition from light to dark, gradually.

    • In bright conditions, UV radiation is more intense. The lens molecules expand in size, darkening the lenses. Less light can then pass through.
    • In darker conditions, UV radiation is less intense. The molecules shrink and separate, lightening the lenses. More light can pass through.

    Your eyes are always protected and receive the optimal amount of light needed at any times and in all weather conditions.
    You are able to discern shapes and colors more quickly while eliminating eyestrain.


    Molecularly infused in every Serengeti® lens


    Specific and unique to Serengeti®, Spectral Control technology provides you with the ultimate High Definition vision of everything in sight.

    Blue light is necessary to regulate our biological clock. However, it is also a high-risk factor for age‑related macular degeneration (AMD).
    Spectral Control® Technology filters up to 96% of blue light, allowing only the beneficial and regulating turquoise blue light to pass through, to reduce blue blur and visible noise.
    This protects your eyes from aging and damage to preserve your sight perfectly.

    It enhances a natural color balance and improves contrasts and perception by acting like a “HD” visual equalizer to achieve the perfect mix of colors across all conditions. It selectively manages light wavelengths, distinguishing reds, greens, and yellows.
    Landscapes that would be washed out, dull or flat with other lenses become defined, vibrant, and vivid — while your eyes remain cool and relaxed.



    Whether you’re in a high- or low-glare environment, you deserve lenses that give you the ultimate glare protection and with it, uncompromised clarity.

    Our polarization technology eliminates 99,9% of disruptive glare from the four types of glare: distracting, discomforting, disabling and blinding. This ensures, therefore, no more reflection from: vehicle headlights, intense lights, shiny surface reflections and the everyday outdoors.
    When glare reflects off the road, water, snow or flat areas, parallel light rays can pass through unhindered, while distracting perpendicular light is reflected.

    It offers UV protection up to 400nm.

    This polarization technology relieves eye fatigue and impeded vision by eliminating disruptive glare. It also allows you to experience absolute clarity, revealing elements that you couldn’t see before.

    Some products feature non‑polarized lens option.

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