Candie’s was founded in 1981 with the now famous sexy, high-heeled wood bottom slide, called the “Candie.” By the mid 1980’s, sales of Candie’s slides soared to 14 million pairs. One out of every four women in America owned a pair of Candie’s.

Today, Candie’s remains one of the most recognized brands worldwide. Fun and flirty, Candie’s is synonymous with pop culture.

The brand is designed for the Candie’s girl who is feminine, stylish, flirty and fun. She always looks polished and confident, and is as sparkling on the inside as she looks on the outside. Candie’s Brand Ambassador and Creative Director Sarah Hyland encapsulates this persona with her fresh and trend-setting styles and imagery.

The Candie’s eyewear appeals to the Candie’s buyer with the flirty prints and patterns, feminine embellishments, bright colors and youthful styles.