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Cat Eye Shaped Frames sunglasses

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cat eye glasses and sunglasses

Cat eye glasses and sunglasses are distinguished by rounded frames which flare near the temples. Tiffany makes some of the most popular cat-eye eyewear. Tiffany cat eye sunglasses and eyeglasses stand out in the crowd.

To recognize authentic cat eye frames, look for a distinct upswept frame shape. In the UK, they are known as upswept glasses!

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A bit of cat eye glasses history

Cat eye glasses frames became popular in 1950s and to this day are some of the most popular sunglasses and eyeglasses shapes among women. The retro-style cat eye-shaped frames are at the same time playful and fashionable and ideal for women with square or diamond faces.

Because cat eye glasses and sunglasses are in fashion more than ever, 2019 trend is toward bold and classy look, as well as having a perfect Instagram look every time. 

Let AllureAid help you match the right cat-eye frames for you.

Cat eye sunglasses and glasses will look good on most people, but they are especially good for women with square or diamond faces, bottom-heavy face shapes such as round, square and triangular. The shape of the cat eye frame’s balances out these features.