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Wearing sunglasses at every opportunity is the latest trend in celebrity eyewear. Most recently, Helena Bonham Carter, Salma Hayek and Jessica Simpson amongst others, have been seen sporting their favorite shades almost 24/7! Celebs are stepping out onto the red carpet and for once it isn’t their dress code the critics are interested in, it’s their choice of eyewear. Even in Winter, the sunglass advocates are out in full force, so what is this trend all about? It’s pretty simple really. Even in Winter, the sun is sending out potentially harmful rays, so although donning your shades at every moment of every day may be extreme, it’s worth considering the benefits!

All glamour red carpet years TV BAFTA Awards 2014


What’s The Damage?

Firstly, you may not feel the same heat from the sun in Winter but the harmful rays from the sun are being emitted 365 days per year, morning, noon and night. Whether you live in snowy Canada or Sunny Los Angeles, the verdict is the same. Don’t be fooled, these rays can destroy your eyesight over time, causing damage not just to the eyes surface but also to the internal lens and retina. Long term exposure to these rays can also result in eye diseases such as cataracts and putting you at a higher risk of developing glaucoma.

 As well as potentially life changing eye issues, the sun’s rays also increase your chances of developing every woman’s worst nightmare, wrinkles! The eye area is very thin and delicate and so is susceptible to developing common eye wrinkles such as crows feet. Potentially the leading reason for this new celeb trend, wearing your sunglasses more often could keep you looking younger for longer!

 Lastly, in Winter your skin is constantly battling the elements, from the harsh cold to the rattling wind, your skin needs a little extra care. This is particularly true when it comes to the eye area. Due to the weather, skin is often more dry in Winter, resulting in skin irritations and at worst skin disorders. Of course dry skin is one of the culprits in creating wrinkles too! Keep your fragile eye area protected by following in the footsteps of the celebrities and keeping your peepers covered!  

 What Can You Do To Prevent It?

Not only is the sun still emitting these rays in the colder temperatures, but the sun sits lower in the sky and at a different angle actually. This means that your eyes could be more at risk in Winter, especially after prolonged periods of time. To ensure your eyes keep on sparkling, dig out your old sunglasses from last Summer or better yet, treat yourself to a new pair from our choice of the hottest trends for this Winter. Don’t forget to eat eye healthy foods such as carrots, spinach, eggs, oranges and oily fish and moisturize the eye area daily or nightly with an anti wrinkle formula.

 Here’s our favorite pairs for this season so you can get on board with the Winter sunglasses trend:


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