5 Reasons You Should Always Choose Designer Frames


Perhaps you’re in the market for some new shades or you just want some quality information on whether to splash out or go budget on your sunglasses, we’ve got it covered. Summer may still be a few months away but it never hurts to be a head of the curve and sunglasses can still be very useful on those bright crisp Winter mornings. Here’s 5 reasons you should absolutely spend a little extra for those coveted designer frames.


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  1. Style Vs Substance

There is no battle here when it comes to style versus substance. They arrive in equal measures when it comes to designer frames, so you know your eyes are being protected and that your new sunglasses are going to last just as long as they look amazing. It’s very easy these days to pop into your local pharmacy or fast fashion retailer and pick up a cheap pair of sunglasses but if you want to stand out from the crowd and up your fashion game, details count! Choose a pair of designer frames to really get your style noticed.


  1. More Choice and added perks

If you’re paying $20 for your new sunglasses, you’ll get your glasses and that’s about it! If you choose to go bespoke with a pair of designer sunnies however, you can choose which type of lense you prefer. With so many to choose from, yellow for sports, slightly tinted, mirrored, blackout, polarized etc, you can pick the best type of lense for you and who doesn’t prefer choice? You’ll also receive a durable case for your glasses, perhaps some cleaning fluid or cloths and also the ability to have them fitted properly to your face. Because designer sunglasses often have a longer life span, the chances of a screw coming loose or the lenses becoming a little unstuck is quite possible over time. Simply nip into the retailing store and they will more than likely fix them on the spot and completely for free.


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  1. Higher Quality = Longer Lasting

As we mentioned before, designer sunglasses often have a longer life span than cheaper options as they are built with higher quality materials. You might have to purchase ten different cheaper sunglasses in the time you would only need to purchase one quality pair of designer glasses. Designer frames also often come with scratch resistant lenses, allowing you to wear your glasses everyday without fear of scratches and damage.   


  1. Extra Protection

It’s true that many cheaper options of sunglasses do provide protection from harmful rays but not all of them. It’s important to look clearly at any pair of sunglasses you’re considering for purchase, ensuring they cover you for both UVA and UVB rays. Most designer sunglasses will have this clearly marked and the sales assistant will be able to run you through the specs and percentages of coverage however you are unlikely to get the same quality of service from a fast fashion retailer selling cheaper options and quite often the sunglasses have no detail about their coverage at all. Keep your eyes safe and know your sunglasses specs!


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  1. Lightweight for prolonged wearing

Lastly, it can be easy to sway to the cheaper sunglasses when you find another company has copied a designer frame and produced a near identical pair of sunglasses for a fraction of the price. Don’t be fooled though, not only will the cheaper option not last as long, possibly not give as much protection to the eye as needed and won’t be a good fit for your face and head shape, they will also probably not be very comfortable for prolonged wearing. Designer sunglasses are made with prolonged use in mind and so the chosen materials often have high tech, lightweight qualities whilst their less expensive counterpart will choose heavier materials, keeping the cost down but also becoming uncomfortable after long periods of use. 


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