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Aviator & Pilot Eyewear sunglasses

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Aviator glasses and sunglasses

Aviator eyeglasses and Aviator sunglasses are making a big comeback. Aviator eyeglasses and sunglasses are perfect for people with wider angular features, including square and heart face shapes.

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Aviator sunglasses were originally made by Ray-Ban for fighter pilots in World War. Aviator glasses were made specifically to eliminate glair and sunlight. As a result, Ray-Ban designed iconic tear-drop Aviator frame to closely resemble goggles pilots wore during flight and provide the maximum coverage from sun around the eye.

Aviators sunglasses popularity skyrocketed when Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer wore them in the classic 1986 action flick Top Gun.


Aviator Sunglasses and Eyeglasses are made with durable material and are designed to last. AllureAid.com is